Build your first 4D application with ORDA in Project Mode

  • Duration: 500 minutes
  • Level: Beginner
  • Language: English

Discover some of the core concepts of 4D: tables, fields, data types, project forms, and methods

Learn how to build a simple, fast, and ergonomic interface, using the most current methods of coding with 4D, using ORDA and objects, in Project Mode.

In this training session with Reda Mourad, you will learn, step by step, how to build a 4D application from scratch using the newest methods of coding with 4D.

During this journey through the 4D platform, you will develop a complete project management application.

The training will highlight the simplicity of the interface, and how to navigate it for the best possible user experience, delivering successful applications while making customers and users happy.

Listen to the key benefits in this introduction video.

Who should attend this session?

• Professional developers new to 4D, joining teams developing and maintaining business applications in 4D using ORDA, the latest technologies in Project Mode, and following the most up-to-date optimal practices.

• Experienced 4D professional developers or Project Managers, willing to learn new up-to-date tools to code with 4D using ORDA, the object revolution, as well as conversion to Project Mode, to benefit from all the new features and possibilities offered by the latest 4D versions.

Note: If you’re a professional developer looking at starting with 4D, joining a team developing and maintaining an existing business using classic language and concepts, please consider the 4D for beginner training, already available OnDemand on the 4D Store.

What you will learn?

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Build a simple project management application with 4D from scratch, following the guidelines of the latest 4D versions and technologies.
  • Discover some of the core concepts of 4D: tables, fields, data types, project forms and methods.
  • Get your hands on 4D’s integrated development environment: explorer, debugger, form editor, and data explorer.
  • Learn many tips and know-how to build a simple, modern, fast, and ergonomic interface.
  • Get a peek at what is under the hood.

What's covered in this session?

Episode 1 - 'First steps in using 4D':

  • Create your first 4D application in project mode and discover the concepts of tables and fields

Episode 2 - 'Getting started with the RDBMS':

  • Import data into different tables in two ways, via the 4D Wizard and through your first written code using ORDA, and bind the data together
  • Self-directed exercises before Episode 3

Episode 3 - 'First form, first query':

  • Discover 4D’s IDE to create a form and start building the interface using the Form object and query the data classes to display your first entity selection

Episode 4 - 'Add & delete':

  • Manipulate data via the interface by defining two custom add and delete buttons and associate processing code to these buttons
  • Self-directed exercises before Episode 5

Episode 5 - 'Display in details':

  • Visualize all the details of an entity that are not necessarily displayed in a column of the list box

Episode 6 - 'Improving the user interface':

  • Take care of the design and visual composition of a graphical interface with 4D and its editors to enhance user experience

Episode 7 - 'Save changes':

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