4D Write Pro – Creating complex financial and marketing documents and sending them by email as PDF file

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Level: Advanced
  • Language: English

This session covers the following needs:

  • building a document and sending it as a pdf by e-mail
  • creating a rich document, such as a catalog/brochure

You’ll learn how to really benefit from 4D Write Pro, moving from a word processing area to an advanced desktop publishing engine, and how to make the most of its set of tools to build complex documents by gathering elements from other documents and from data.

You’ll also discover how 4D Write Pro can be manipulated with the same flexibility as any other 4D entity, with the use of objects or classes for example.


At the end of this session, you'll be able to:

  • Understand the approach to programming with 4D Write Pro
  • Create a 4D Write Pro zone
  • Export and import 4D Write Pro documents
  • Protect parts of your documents
  • Customize your documents using the 4D Write Pro interface or programmming

Who should purchase this session?

  • Developers already using 4D Write Pro and willing to benefit from the brand new possibilities the product offers, in order to enhance and add more value to their business applications.
  • Developers not using 4D Write Pro who are looking at understanding how the desktop publishing engine and UI can add more features and potential for their users and customers.
  • For both categories of developers, 4D Write Pro is an opportunity to sell more features, and value-added services to their customers.

What is covered in this session?

  • 4D Write Pro zone
  • High-level commands
  • 4D Write Pro Objects
  • Formulas
  • Styles
  • Breaks
  • Tables
  • Import/Export
  • Protection of 4D Write Pro documents
  • Manipulation of images

Session materials

Shortly after you receive the order confirmation email, you will receive a second email with links that point to the following support materials:

  • Example application source code
  • Video recording of the session

Price: $80.00

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