4D Write Pro and 4D View Pro meet 4D – the Next Level of Smart Templating

  • Duration: 75 minutes
  • Level: Advanced
  • Language: English

In this Masterclass, we will access any content of a database application very easily from 4D Write Pro and 4D View Pro. But not as records. With the help of ORDA, we use the data in a new way from entities and entity selections. With this data, we create a data-context to use in smart templates, built with 4D Write Pro or 4D View Pro.

These smart templates contain references or placeholders to display the data from the data-context. Some of this was already possible with v19. But now, together with new features of 4D v20, you can enter a new level of creating powerful reports with lots of automatisms and with a minimum of work. Of course, the templates can be created manually by you or your user or by programming.

Masterclass materials

Shortly after you receive the order confirmation email, you will receive a second email with links that point to the following support materials:

  • Video recordings of the Masterclass.
  • Source code of the demonstration application
  • Support materials

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Price: $119.00
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