4D SQL Desktop v19

What's Included

  • Simultaneous use of your application on the desktop while opening SQL connections to remote databases (SQL Pass-through)
  • SQL database engine
  • Runs compiled applications
  • Use of components
  • Web Services client
  • 4D Write Expansion (integrated word processor)
  • 4D View Expansion (integrated spreadsheet)

Platform:  Mac or  Windows
The platform must be chosen during the first product install.

Price: $165.00

1- Setup your maintenance

Maintenance program

Add one year of maintenance ( + $41.00 )

 No maintenance
About our maintenance program:
Stay ahead of the curve and get some peace of mind.  With the 4D Maintenance program, you’ll get the latest in 4D technology, save time, save money, and focus on doing what you do best: Creating innovative business solutions.
Keep yourself completely up-to-date with the 4D product cycle. By updating your solutions in step with 4D releases, you can follow a moderate, gradual upgrade plan and save yourself time and effort.  As soon as a new version of your product is available, it’s yours at no additional cost.
More info about the Maintenance Program

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Price: $41.00
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