4D Summit 2018 – Washington, D.C.

Join us April 3rd-5th for the 4D developer event.

Your registration includes:
  • Conference access on April 3rd & 4th.
  • Access to both keynote addresses
  • Access to over 25 technical sessions with 4D experts
  • Access to an exclusive Master Class Session, presented by Laurent Ribardière
  • A ticket to the 4D Party — in a breathtaking venue!
  • Coffee breaks and lunches
  • Networking with the 4D Community and 4D staff

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4D Advanced Training Session 2018

  Thursday, April 5th
When an Evolution becomes a Revolution!
Jean-Pierre Ribreau with special guest: Laurent Ribardière

Objects, and especially object notation, have opened the door for something huge – something that changes the way you design your code, from structure definition to the very last line. And even better … fundamentally changing the way you access data in 4D.

The main topic of 4D Summit 2018 will be all about this revolution in data access, from the keynote address to the breakout sessions. It’s opening so many new and fantastic possibilities that it will take a full day to cover the feature set. This is why the entire Advanced Training Session will be devoted exclusively to this theme.

Your speaker, Jean-Pierre Ribreau, is obviously the most qualified 4D expert to provide this training: how to use it, how to mix old code with new code, and how to enhance applications with a 20-year-old code base.

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