Get started with 4D View Pro

  • Duration: 2 x 60 minutes
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Language: English

By using 4D View Pro, you can greatly expand the functionality of a 4D application.

  • Add reporting and dashboard management capabilities to your business application.
  • Allow users to more easily work with application data, as well as external data.
  • Save spreadsheets as XLS files, so that users can share them with management, and or other business units.

In this training session with Achim Peschke, Technical Director at 4D Germany, you'll learn how to add exciting spreadsheet and reporting possibilities to a business application.

Training uses practical examples and is based on a basic invoice management demo application, to explain the use and implementation of 4D View Pro.

Who should purchase this session?

4D developers, willing to expand their business application possibilities through 4D View Pro advanced spreadsheet management capabilities.

What you will learn

  • Create compelling spreadsheets.
  • Directly work with Excel documents.
  • Structure effective dashboards.
  • Design direct access to your application data.
  • Build automatic reporting by programming.
  • Make an On- and off-screen reporting.
  • Export graphs and spreadsheets as PDF or SVG.
  • Embed spreadsheet or graph as SVG within 4D Write Pro documents for reports.
  • and many more possibilities.

Session materials

Shortly after you receive the order confirmation email, you will receive a second email with links that point to the following support materials:

  • Video recording of the 2 sessions
  • Source code of the sample application

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